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These Mini Oreo Pancakes Are So Good, You’ll Want to Make Them Time and Time Again

published Oct 21, 2022
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Oreo Cookies.
Credit: Shutterstock/Pao Laroid

Dessert for dinner is one of my favorite treats; whether that means waffles and ice cream or pancakes, it always hits the spot. As we approach the holiday season, however, why not send that indulgence up another sweet and chocolatey notch? Thanks to Instagram food influencer Fitwaffle Kitchen, you just might be able to.

Posting to her recipe account @fitwafflekitchen, Eloise Head shared a recipe for mini Oreo pancakes. They’re topped with a sweet icing, making them perfect for dessert or a great meal for a special occasion. What’s even better is they’re easy to make and involve actual Oreo cookies in the batter.

For your batter, start by adding Oreo cookies to the food processor and pulse until they are ground down to delicious crumbles (which have so many dessert possibilities, like as an ice cream topper or even to use in Popsicles!). Whisk in self-raising flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder. Then, after making a well in the middle of your dry ingredients, add eggs, butter, and milk, and whisk well. 

Using about a tablespoon of batter for each pancake, pour into your skillet and flip once before removing. Repeat until you’ve made your desired amount. For your glaze, blend together icing sugar and milk, then drizzle on top of your mini pancakes. To make things even sweeter, you can always add a bit of syrup or powdered sugar and serve with other breakfast items for a sweet and savory meal at any time of the day.

The holiday season is all about treating ourselves, and to me this is as good as that gets. If you need a bit more inspiration, though, you can always make these Oreo cake donuts instead.