The 3 Untraditional Kitchen Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

updated Apr 30, 2019
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I have a major weakness for kitchen tools. While I don’t buy every single cool contraption I see, I do love browsing the aisles in a kitchen store. And when I can find a unique kitchen tool, gadget, or high-quality appliance that will help me eat better and enjoy being in the kitchen more, then I’m going to buy it. As I type that, three things come to mind. They have seriously changed my life in the last few months — and they’re all mini versions of themselves. Because who can resist miniature versions of everyday favorites? Not me!

As a single gal, I don’t like batch cooking and find that I tire of dishes before all the leftovers get eaten. I prefer single-serving or, at the most, double-serving options. Plus, miniature versions of kitchen tools are easier to store because they require less space. And they’re adorable — and cheaper, too.

Here are three miniature kitchen tools I can’t live without.

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This little skillet is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen when it comes to cookware. It makes wonderful single-serving oatmeal banana pancakes and is great for toasting nuts and seeds. I’ve also used it for sautéing veggies, baking single-serving healthy brownies, and roasting winter squash and sweet potatoes. I season it with coconut oil every few months and it just keeps getting better and better!

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For years, I have lusted after a Le Creuset Dutch oven. I finally got a mini, two-quart one in Caribbean (my favorite color!). I love the mini for a few reasons. For starters, yes, it still set me back a bit, but it was still more affordable than a larger version. I like that I can leave it out on my stove and it doesn’t overpower the space or hog the largest burners. And I love using it to make halved recipes of soup, oatmeal, or other cooked whole grains, or to reheat anything. I’ve also baked all kinds of vegetables in it and love how easily it cleans up!

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I know, even this very site suggests the 6-quart Instant Pot. But the fact that the Instant Pot comes in a three-quart model is what officially sold me on the appliance. It’s obviously smaller and easier to store, and I like that it’s just the right size for my little family. It also has two fewer buttons (it’s missing the Cake and Multigrain buttons) so the keypad is less cluttered.

What about you? Are there any mini tools you swear by? A mini whisk perhaps?