Mindful Eating: How Eating Spiritually Can Lead to Better Health

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Ever wonder what purpose fasting serves? Even those popular cleanses? Can mindfully changing your eating habits change your health? Marcus Samuelsson, New York restaurateur and world renown chef, writes about his belief in the concept in this week’s Huffington Post. Do you believe in fasting and cleanses?

What does it mean to eat spiritually? Marcus writes about this subject with a broad brush, touching on religious fasting as well as paying attention to eating to “break from the unhealthy, fast-paced, and sometimes mindless eating that it is easy to engage in.”

While changing our eating habits can take a variety of forms, Marcus stresses that one of the issues with our increasingly unhealthy eating habits in the US is the fact that so much of our eating is done without thought. Choosing the fastest, most convenient, and cheapest food options means we can forget what we’re eating and why. He stresses that with small changes such as avoiding dairy for a week or cooking only with leftovers engages the mind and the spirit.

Do you practice mindfully eating?

Eating With a Spiritual Compass by Marcus Samuelsson at The Huffington Post

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