This Ingenious $9 Find Makes Kitchen Cleanup So Much Easier

published Jun 21, 2024
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I can’t stand to leave my kitchen messy for too long, but I’m also a fan of spending as little time cleaning as possible. Any hack or product that makes the process less time-consuming is worth it in my book, whether it’s an electric scrub brush, vacuum-mop, or even something as simple as a more efficient cleaning solution. Take it from me, as someone who’s decided to invest in her cleaning arsenal over the past year: You’ll thank yourself over and over for doing it.

I just came across a product that’s sure to be another game-changer, if the reviews are anything to go by. Handling raw meat always makes your cleanup take twice as long — you can’t skip any steps when it comes to making sure that every surface is sanitized. Sometimes, I end up avoiding cooking raw meat simply to avoid the hassle afterward. However, the Mind Reader E-Z Board will shave a ton of time off of your routine because all you have to do is toss it out when you’re done. Keep reading for why this $9 find should be a staple in every kitchen.

What Is the Mind Reader E-Z Board Disposable Plastic Cutting Board?

This gem is so simple, yet so clever. Similar to a plastic wrap container — it’ll only take up about as much space in your drawer — you pull the plastic out to the length you need, then use the built-in cutter to create a disposable board. The material, which is BPA-free, is strong enough to withstand sharp knives, but you can even layer it on top of your regular cutting board for extra protection. Once you’ve chopped food on top of it, you can pick it up and bend it to easily transfer your food to another location, whether it’s to a pan or a bowl. Then you can toss it into the recycling bin, with no need to worry about cross-contamination! It’s perfect for saving time at home, but you can also bring it with you on camping trips and to picnics and barbecues. You can make over 15 large cutting boards with one roll, so you’ll be spending under a dollar on each one.

Credit: Mind Reader

What Amazon Shoppers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.7/5

“I don’t like to use my regular bamboo cutting boards for meat because I am afraid of contamination. I love these disposable cutting boards. We butcher deer, cattle & birds of all sorts. These make for such an easy cleanup. These are definitely a need now for processing meat.” —Harold C Jackson

“Love this product to take camping. I hate doing dishes when camping and by using these disposable boards I don’t need to keep washing a cutting board. They hold up great when cutting anything then just fold it up and toss.” —Monica Plitzko

“I have been using these for years. Keeps counters clean and then just toss them in barrel. Keeps everything sanitary.” —Renv

Disposable cutting boards should become a standard in everyone’s kitchen — even if you don’t use them every day, you’ll be grateful you have them when you’re hosting a summer cookout or handling a large portion of raw meat. The $9 price tag makes it an even greater score, so be sure to grab it while it’s on sale!

Buy: Mind Reader E-Z Board Disposable Plastic Cutting Board, $8.69 (normally $10.38)