The Expandable $27 Storage Find That Creates Extra Shelf Space Out of Thin Air

published Sep 11, 2023
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Stainless steel appliances in gray-painted kitchen with blue cabinets and plant filled open shelves.
Credit: Erin Derby

Organizers can solve a host of storage problems, whether we’re talking a multi-compartment laundry hamper that separates colors from neutrals or a turntable that lets you keep track of which fridge items you need to restock. That being said, it’s a bad idea to purchase them on impulse without doing some measuring first. This is especially true of organizers that go in confined spaces, like drawers and cabinets. You might be excited to receive your new utensil drawer divider, only to find that it’s too wide to be inserted. Sometimes, the product that’s supposed to help you can end up feeling like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. But that’s not the case with our latest kitchen storage find, the Mind Reader expandable kitchen shelf. It’s under $30 on QVC, but more importantly, this nifty riser promises to double your cabinet space, no matter how wide said cabinet is. The way it works is simple, but also quite genius.

What is the Mind Reader Expandable Kitchen Shelf?

It’s not so much a shelf as it is a shelf riser, as it creates an additional tier atop your existing cabinet shelves. Made of sturdy metal, the riser can hold a considerable amount of weight without buckling under the pressure. What’s more, because this product sports a ventilated rod construction, it won’t collect dust the way a solid alternative would. The key feature here, though, is the shelf’s expandable design. At its smallest width, it measures just under 1 foot long, meaning it’ll fit in even the narrowest of cabinets, or half of one if the other half is occupied. But if you have more surface area at your disposal, you can just pull on one end of the riser and expand it up to a width of 22.5 inches. This also means that if your spice collection grows or you go on a bigger grocery run, you can adjust the riser to accommodate more products.


Why You’ll Love the Mind Reader Expandable Kitchen Shelf

With this shelf, you don’t have to do any measuring before ordering! It might just be the one impulse purchase we approve of. No matter how large the shelf inside your cabinet or pantry, the riser will fit right in and hold however much you need it to. Oh, and did we mention this metal number is strong? One QVC reviewer even noted that they placed an air fryer on top of theirs, which freed up space for dishes and other kitchen tools. Of course, you’re not only resigned to using your riser in the kitchen. Place it on your desk to hold office supplies, in the bathroom for skincare and cosmetics, or under any sink in the house for cleaning products. Just like its unlimited widths, the riser has unlimited uses! Try one out for just $27 — we have no doubt you’ll find the perfect spot for it.