This Simple Hack Will Help You Mince Chives Like a Professional Chef

published Jun 13, 2022
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Someone chopping chives on cutting board
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Whenever I see a recipe that calls for minced chives, I ask myself how badly do I want that dish. I have nothing against chives; I actually love them and what they can add to a recipe, but my poor knife skills make slicing chives a laborious task. I can never get them to come out evenly, and can only cut a few at a time without making a mess. 

Thankfully, Chef Genevieve shared a video of a chive-mincing hack that she picked up while working at a Michelin-starred restaurant. The trick makes cutting chives so much easier, and all you’ll need is a paper towel. 

Next time a recipe calls for chives, dampen a paper towel and squeeze firmly to eliminate the excess water. Fold the paper towel lengthwise twice to end up with a long strip. Lay the paper towel flat, place your chives on top, and roll it up nice and tight. You’ll want to make sure you have 1-2 inches of chives sticking out from the edge of the napkin since that’s what you’ll be cutting. Next, just slice away like you usually would and slide the paper towel sleeve up as you go cutting.

I’ve never stepped foot in a Michelin-starred kitchen, but now I can cut my chives as if I have. And thanks to this trick, I don’t have to think twice about adding chives to these breakfast meatballs or this chicken bacon ranch pasta.