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I’m a Registered Dietitian and I Buy This Frozen Pizza on Repeat

published Oct 15, 2022
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Putting food in the freezer, in an organized fashion
Credit: Sarah Crowley

If you open my freezer on any given day, you’ll see shelves stocked with my favorite breakfast finds, dinner shortcuts, desserts, and more. But the one thing you wouldn’t find is a frozen pizza — that is, until recently. Even though there are whole freezer cases filled with options (mini! Family-size! Thin crust! Stuffed crust!), for a long time I breezed right past them. Instead, I would opt to order delivery for the occasional family pizza night. 

But as delivery became a less economical choice, I started taking a closer look at the frozen options. There were even more than I remembered! The one that stood out, though, was Milton’s Craft Bakers Roasted Vegetable Cauliflower Crust Pizza.

Credit: Lauren Manaker

What’s So Great About Milton’s Roasted Vegetable Cauliflower Crust Pizza?

If you follow a gluten-free diet or just enjoy a crispy, thin crust, you may be excited to hear about Milton’s extended line of pizzas, which popped up on more and more shelves early this spring. The cauliflower crust is crispy and less cauliflower-forward than others I’ve tried. There’s plenty of cheese and a decent amount of vegetables on top. I especially appreciate that they’re neither too big nor too small — the Goldilocks of chopped veggies. 

Credit: Lauren Manaker

How’d it compare to delivery? Everyone in my family happily ate it — zero complaints from even the pickiest members! Once I knew my family was officially on board, I stocked the freezer with several boxes for busy weeknights. We’ll eat one (rotating among the roasted vegetable and other varieties in the line) roughly twice a month, along with a bagged salad or some fresh-cut fruit. From prep to table, we’re ready to feast in less than 20 minutes. And that’s something I can’t complain about either.

Buy: Milton’s Roasted Vegetable Cauliflower Crust Pizza, $10.99 for 11 ounces at Instacart

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