Milk Farm Road: Artful Hand-Painted Linen Table Runners and Textiles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve never been a huge fan of table runners, but these vibrant, painterly designs from Milk Farm Road have changed my mind. The artist behind them, Heather Chontos, has worked as a prop stylist, set designer, and illustrator for the likes of Anthropologie and Barney’s, but Milk Farm Road is her personal line of hand-painted textiles and home goods. Graphic and totally one-of-a-kind, each runner showcases Ms. Chontos’ love “for painting, for textures, colors, prints and the object all combined into one.”

I love the graphic designs and bright colors, the textural feel of the paint brush strokes on the linen, the slight “messiness” of it all. They’re unlike any other runners I’ve seen. Ms. Chontos likens her designs for Milk Farm Road to “the mentality of making a beautiful image, but one that can be lived in” —and indeed that’s what these runners feel like! They’re like paintings you can lay out on the table.

All of the runners are hand-painted and hand-stitched in linen and silk, with some runners lined in a gauze linen lining.

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(Images: Milk Farm Road)