Miele to Bosch: Are Dishwashers Over $1000 Worth It?

published Mar 9, 2010
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Dishwashers are not among the most expensive of kitchen appliances (refrigerators seem to qualify for that honor) but they can still get very pricey, especially when you are looking at the high-end brands. Here’s a look at some of the more expensive dishwasher brands, and we’d like to know: Do you think they are worth it?

My semi-uneducated personal opinion, pre-homeownership, and before any actual dishwasher shopping, is nevertheless that dishwashers also seem the most complicated appliance in the kitchen. A stove and an oven really only do one thing apiece, while with a dishwasher there are a thousand things that could go wrong. So my personal intent is to probably put more money into the dishwasher, if the opportunity ever arises, and less into the other kitchen appliances.

Having said that, the dishwashers listed here can get really, really expensive. You pay a lot for the name and purported quality of a Bosch or a Miele. Do you own one of the brands listed here? If so, has it been worth the investment?

(And don’t worry! We’ll get to budget brands of dishwashers later this week!)

5 Premium Dishwasher Brands

Here are five major brands of premium dishwashers, all much over $1000, and one over $2000. We linked to their listings at AJ Madison, just to have one consistent store where you can compare all the brands. But that isn’t an endorsement of this particular outlet; dishwashers should always be sourced locally, where you can confirm easy access to repair and service for your particular model.

1. BoschBosch Integra 800 Plus Series SHX68E – $1759 at AJ Madison. Bosch is perhaps THE premium name in dishwashers, and they are very popular. They make some lower-end models as well, but this is a top of the line version. Anecdotally, there has been some evidence to suggest lately, though, that Bosch’s models aren’t as reliable as they used to be.

2. MieleMiele Optima II Series G2472SC – $1699 to $1899. This dishwasher prompts outpourings of love and adoration from its fans. Miele is a serious investment, but most of the reviews we’ve ever read about these dishwashers rave about the reliability, functionality, and the service, too.

3. DacorDacor Epicure ED30 – $2,929. Three thousand dollars for a dishwasher? We’ve seen mixed reviews on these, very, very pricey dishwashers that are supposedly industrial-quality.

4. AskoAsko Encore D5883XXLENC – $1799 – $2049. We have seen this dishwasher compared favorably to Bosch. They are a little more expensive, so some people just prefer the name brand security of Bosch, but some like the internal layout and design better in the Asko.

5. KitchenAidKitchenAid Architect Series II KUDH03DT – $1299. The drawer model of dishwashers has been increasing in popularity, and KitchenAid makes one of the more pricey versions.

OK, your turn. Do you own any of these dishwashers, or a dishwasher from one of these brands? Do you think a premium, high-end dishwasher is worth the investment?

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