Midwest Flooding: Farmland Devastated

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The reports of flooding in the Midwest are heartbreaking and, sadly, they just keep coming. The damage of farmland – both family and commercial – is impossible to ignore.

This region is a major producer of soybeans, corn and livestock, and the effects of the devastation are expected to be felt nationwide.

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Iowa took the brunt of the damage last week, and now towns in Illinois and Missouri face continued flooding. (Nebraska, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota have also been affected.) Levees continued to break Wednesday, displacing even more people and leaving farmers scrambling to salvage whatever they could.

So far, 12 percent of Midwest crops are in poor to very poor conditions, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported Wednesday. It’s estimated the damage may exceed $20 billion.

Corn prices have risen to more than $8 a bushel, and soybeans to nearly $16 a bushel. The effects of increased food inflation may be felt nationwide, and even internationally.

Right now, however, there are thousands of displaced Midwesterners who need immediate help. America’s Second Harvest has partnered with local food banks to provide disaster relief, which it estimates will cost $150,000.

Donations can be made through their web site. You can specify the local food bank you’d like to support, or allow your donation to be distributed where it’s most needed.

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