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This Recipe for Microwave Chocolate Cake Will Deliver Sweet Goodness in Just 10 Minutes

published Feb 17, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk
We Tried Hershey’s Back-of-the-Box Chocolate Cake Recipe and Did Not Expect These Results

Answering the call of her 1.3 million Instagram followers for more microwave recipes, London-based food influencer @fitwaffle (aka self-taught baker Eloise Head) posted a delicious Microwave Chocolate Cake on her dessert social @fitwafflekitchen. Ten minutes until chocolate heaven? Yes, please. 

Known for her quick and easy dessert recipes (most using only three ingredients and our favorite treats like Oreos and Reese’s), Head creates this decadent cake in mere minutes sans oven. 

“This chocolate cake is going to blow your mind,” Head posted alongside the Reel that was loved by nearly 90,000 people. “It’s super moist, and the dark chocolate ganache topping makes it so rich and chocolatey.”

The cake batter has all the traditional ingredients (think flour, granulated sugar, cocoa powder, butter or vegetable oil, and baking powder), but to make it egg-free, she subs in warm water — creating the perfect dessert for those avoiding eggs in their diet. 

The cooled cake is doused in chocolate ganache (a delicious blend of dark chocolate and heavy cream also zapped in the microwave). “You can also top it with Nutella or any butter cream icing to make it your own,” she says in the Reel. This cake isn’t too sweet or heavy, so feel free to play with the toppings to make it your own.” Oh we will, don’t worry. 

This is clearly not the first time Head has taken care of our sweet tooth. So, if you need more chocolate (and who doesn’t), try her Gooey White Chocolate Brownie Cups. Head’s first cookbook, Baking It Easy, is also releasing on March 3 and it’s packed with plenty of easy recipes for both the oven and microwave.