Michael & Benjamin’s Modern Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A combination of DIY, a love for interior design and art and a whole ‘lot of passion resulted in the updated and modern kitchen of Michael and Benjamin. The two were able to recognize that good and bad about their kitchen and highlight the areas that were wonderful and do the best they could to transform the less than perfect.

Besides the window at the end of the kitchen, there’s not much natural light in the space. Michael and Benjamin realized that and left the kitchen cabinets the bright white. The white cabinets not only brighten up the space, but they also make the kitchen feel larger and the addition of the stainless steel handles makes the space feel modern and fresh.

The kitchen is a little on the small side, so the addition of the credenza just outside the kitchen was a great move. It matches the modern aesthetic of the kitchen and allows for discreet storage of items that couldn’t fit in the cabinets. Plus, they used it wisely in terms of using the top of the credenza as an impromptu bar!

We are really happy to see an iPad in the kitchen. With the use of a sturdy stand, the iPad can actually be really beneficial and helpful in the kitchen. You can use it to look up recipes, watch instructional videos and more.

(Images: Bethany Nauert)