Here’s How I Organized All My Food Storage Containers (for Less than $100)

published Mar 16, 2023
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Food storage container drawers should come with a warning. One wrong move and containers of all shapes and sizes come tumbling out with a crash. And if you’ve spent too much time around your grandparents, their definition of Tupperware may have rubbed off on you — making your storage cabinet a simultaneous time machine of sorts.

The result is a daily annoyance of mixing, matching, and carefully stacking these items. It’s like a puzzle with no clear answer. And each frustrating minute that it adds to your schedule is an obstacle that leads to another $15 to-go lunch or a perfectly good leftover-meal thrown away.

So when I decided to clean out and upgrade my storage containers to a set of matching glass ones, I knew it was time to get this cabinet under control. To back it up to the big picture, I craved a sense of, “The world may be falling apart, but at least I know where to find the right container for my farro bowl leftovers.” And more casually, I just wanted a neatly organized cabinet that looked like it belonged to an adult — you know, like something off one of those organization TikToks.

Enter the most basic and simple solution: a metal cabinet storage shelf rack. You can find them inexpensively online, like this set of six for $44.

I ordered two and had them on my doorstep the next day. I ripped open the box and, with absolutely no assembly required, I began the Tetris game of figuring out where I might neatly stack the containers I decided to keep. I gathered their matching tops in an extra dish, which made it easy to grab the right container and the right top in one fell swoop.

Here’s one trick I have for making this organizing project even easier: Measure your cabinets carefully and accurately before you place your order, but remember that you can think creatively. I have one placed longways, while another fits horizontally across. These incredibly versatile shelf racks could also be used for glassware and mug organization, or a cabinet with cumbersome skillets and pans. I’ve got it on my to-do list to measure those soon. Why stop at just one organized cabinet, right?

And, hey, if I can have a little sense of organizational delight each time I open my storage container cabinet, then that’s something to write home (or in AT) about.

This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it there: I Organized My Entire Storage Container Cabinet for Less Than $100