Meghan Markle’s First Official Royal Gift Was an Apron

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Meghan Markle secretly dated Prince Harry for over a year, but now that they are engaged and making public appearances together, she can start receiving official gifts like the rest of the royal family. She was recently given her very first official royal gift, and it’s an apron.

According to The Telegraph, every year the royal family releases a list of all the gifts they received, and from where. According to the list, an apron intended for Meghan Markle was given to her future brother-in-law, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. He was on an official visit to Finland in November, when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement, and after the news broke he was presented with an apron to give to her back in London.

The apron is the first time Markle has been given a gift in an official capacity as a member of the royal family, but when Prince Harry was in Canada for the Invictus Games in September — before they were engaged, but when everybody knew they were a couple — Prince Harry was given several “his-and-hers” gifts like matching jackets, bags, and shirts, which were likely intended for her. The apron is the first time she was mentioned by name as the intended recipient, though.

An apron is a thoughtful gift for Markle, who is an avid cook and a tremendous fan of Ina Garten’s roast chicken. Unfortunately, the royals are being painfully quiet about details on this. They say merely that it was given by “an individual,” but I need to know more. What kind of an apron is it? Is it a fancy apron? What color is it? Is there a special Finnish apron tradition, or is there a secret meaning behind the apron? Is it a half apron or a full apron? And clearly we’re going to need to talk about pockets.

Do you wear an apron while cooking?