Meet Your New Favorite Snack: Vegan Nacho-Style Popcorn

(Image credit: The Green Life)

You know those giant tins of popcorn people give out as gifts, with four different flavors inside? Well, the cheesy bright-orange flavor was always my favorite. This vegan nacho-style popcorn is just like that — only way better.

This popcorn has a few steps involved, but they’re all quick and totally worth it.

First you need to make the oregano oil by cooking olive oil and dried oregano over low heat in a saucepan for about five minutes. While the oregano oil cools a bit, pop your popcorn kernels and mix your spice blend (paprika, turmeric, chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, and sea salt). Drizzle the oregano oil over the popcorn, mix in the spices, and finally sprinkle over some nutritional yeast.

The nutritional yeast gives the popcorn its signature cheesy taste (without any cheese!), while the warming spices and fragrant oregano oil add depth of flavor. This is sophisticated snacking at its best!

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