Meet the Kitchen Tool That Changed My Hosting Game for Good

published Nov 2, 2016
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Picture me standing at my oven staring down at my rapidly browning crown roast of pork: The bones carefully frenched, dried cherries gleaming rubies in my stuffing, and drippings sizzling in the bottom of the fancy roasting pan I’d saved up for.

This roast was meant to be the centerpiece of our Christmas tree decorating party. The tartan table runner was rolled out, the table set with Grandma’s good dishes, but my stomach was dropping. Was my super-star and super-expensive roast ready? I still had about 20 minutes of roasting time left according to the recipe, but the roast looked and smelled done to me.

Prosecco in hand and trying to avoid the eye of my guests, I began discreetly rifling through our lesser used kitchen drawers. I knew I had a meat thermometer somewhere. I’d never paid so much for meat before and I didn’t want to mess this up! Turns out my meat thermometer — something I’d gotten for free at the grocery store years ago — had melted and was not up for the job.

(Image credit: Lavatools)

My neighbor and the most accomplished cook in our apartment building came into the kitchen. He must have recognized my little “is the roast ready?” dance: poke, prod, stare, sweat, poke, prod, stare, repeat!

“Want to borrow my meat thermometer?” he asked.

And this is how I discovered the fast, accurate dinner-saving Javelin Pro Duo from Lavatools, which he grabbed not from his junk drawer, but from his refrigerator. “I keep it here during roasting season,” he said, noting that it’s magnetized for quick access. My roast was indeed ready! I rested the roast and then started slicing — perfect rosy, juicy pork!

(Image credit: Lavatools)

You can buy the Javelin Pro Duo today and be ready for all the roasts entertaining season’s sending your way: from the Thanksgiving turkey to the New Year’s Eve Beef Wellington. Tell them Kitchn sent you by using code TKTHX16 and you’ll get 18% off.

My guests loved my crown roast and it’s become an annual tradition for me, a meal I look forward to cooking all year. Consider yourself warned: Don’t attempt next level roasts without a professional meat thermometer like the Javelin Pro Duo. You’ll never have to do the “is the roast ready” dance again!

(Image credit: Lavatools)

Why I Like the Javelin Pro Duo

  • It’s so fast! Javelin says it takes only three seconds to do a reading. That’s less time fussing in the kitchen and more time to toast your guests or set the table.
  • The backlight is great for nighttime grilling.
  • Sleek and space efficient in the drawer. The prod tucks cleanly inside the handle when not in use.
  • It’s left-handed friendly (thank you!) with an auto-rotating display.
  • The Javelin’s intelligent stabilization feature alerts you when the temperature stabilizes and holds it, so I didn’t have to stick my head in the oven to read the thermometer. (Also thank you.)
  • Strong ratings on Amazon show I’m not the only one who loves this thing.
  • Buy Javelin Pro Duo now and take 18% off using code TKTHX16.

How I Made My Crown Roast of Pork

  • This is the recipe I worked from.
  • My butcher selected a great roast for me and trimmed it, including cleaning all the bones.
  • Note safe cooking temperatures for meats

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