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Mediterranean Grilled Pork Chops Are a Summer Treat

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Credit: Foodie Crush

Topping grilled meat with salsa is one of the best ways to dress up an easy meal. It adds some fresh, interesting flavors, while also making the dish look a whole lot prettier. These juicy, grilled pork chops are topped with a Mediterranean-style salad of chopped tomatoes, red onions, and capers that adds a ton of savory, salty flavor to any number of possible dishes, so you’re going to want to make a big batch.

No topping in the world will save a tough, overcooked pork chop, so the author says to serve them medium-rare. Pat the pork chops dry with paper towels and season them with your favorite pork rub seasoning blend.

Cook the pork chops until a meat thermometer says they’re 140 degrees on the inside. They should be just slightly pink. Then let the pork chops sit for a little off the heat, which should let them finish cooking perfectly so they stay plump and juicy. The author says that technique will work for any pork chops, whether they’re thick or thin, bone-in or boneless. Just use a hotter grill for a shorter time for thinner pork chops, which will let the outside sear nicely without overcooking the insides.

The topping is basically a chopped tomato salad with a ton of Italian flat-leaf parsley in it. Add some red onions, garlic, capers, lemon juice, and olive oil and toss it until everything is well-combined. If you like, you can add crumbled feta cheese as well. 

You’ll only need a bit of the salad for the pork chop topping, but I’d recommend making a full batch anyway, because this is a great and very useful salad to have around. Tomato salads like this tend to keep well in the fridge for a couple days. Eat it as a salad later, or use it to top sandwiches or other meats, or add it to a grain bowl. It even sounds like it’d be good with scrambled eggs or on top of an omelette in the morning, if your leftovers last that long. 

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