Medicinal Cocktails: Can a Cocktail Actually Make You Feel Healthy?

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It seems I can’t go anywhere without seeing green juices and smoothies — even green infused coconut waters. The market for fresh drinks is alive and well, and I find myself succumbing to it weekly — whether it’s a new kombucha flavor or a craft ginger beer. In the summer I like to treat myself without ingesting a bunch of corn syrup or unnecessary sweeteners or colors. But what has really surprised me is the push towards medicinal cocktails. Can a cocktail actually make you feel healthier? 

I recently read a piece in Slate that detailed the healthy cocktails trend. I’ve seen it a little here in Seattle with my favorite ginger beer, Rachel’s, branching out into beet and carrot versions and serving each at their bar Montana in a variety of house cocktails. 

The result? You feel like you’re doing a little something good for yourself while out having fun with friends. Plus they taste great. I’ll admit it: I’m on board. 

In the Slate piece, writer Troy Patterson affirms that “happy hour is increasingly in sync with socially aware (and social-status-ly aware) dietary values.” With drinks like the kalejito (you guessed it: a kale mojito) on menus, we have indeed entered a new age of healthy drinking. Some will likely wish we could just leave good enough alone. A beer’s a beer. But if you’re going to be out enjoying other people’s company and drinking while doing so, why not order something that’s good for you, too? 

What about you? Do you think the healthy drinks trend is going too far?

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(Image: Megan Gordon)