Absinthe Cupcakes at Coconut & Lime

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Coconut and Lime developed a delicious-looking absinthe cupcake, topped with green fairy icing and a sugar cube. We think the fresh anise taste and the green pastel color is just right for Spring and St. Patrick’s Day!

Absinthe was recently made legal in the US again, and we’ve been sipping it in cocktails such as Sazeracs and Death in the Afternoons, but we never considered cooking with it, until now. Hmm, we see some kitchen experimentation happening this weekend.

Coconut and Lime say they prefer Kübler absinthe, but there are several other brands on the market that are worth trying. We like Absinthe Verte from St. George’s Spirits in Alameda, CA, and Lucid. All can be found at your local upscale liquor store.

(Image from Coconut and Lime)