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23 “Grade A” Gifts for Your Meat-Loving Friends

updated Jun 1, 2023
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Shopping for someone who will always get the meatiest pizza with pepperoni and sausage and meatballs? Someone who prefers the turf over the surf? Someone who can easily figure out a way to have bacon at all three meals during a single day? If so, you’re in the right place.

There’s no shame in being a carnivore, which is why we put together this collection of gifts that’s tailored specifically to your meat-loving pals. We’ve got lots for them to snack on and indulge in — and all the tools they need to make their next hearty, protein-filled dishes easier to prep and tastier than ever. Top-of-the-line steaks? Check. Grinders for homemade hamburgers? Check. And, if they just want some meaty snacks to enjoy during the day, we’ve got those, too. Just know that these edible items tend to sell out quickly, so be sure to check those out first and get your orders in now. Now, it’s time to meat, er, meet, our top gift picks for meat-lovers!


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Sometimes the best gift you can give a meat-lover is simply saving them a trip to the grocery store. With this 1-pound gift pack of boneless skinless chicken thighs, they'll be able to cook their favorite recipe or try something new. You can add a pack of party wings or chicken drumsticks if you're feeling extra generous, too.

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Surprise your gluten-free, paleo-following, or keto-obsessed friend with a variety of premium jerky snacks designed to fuel them. Flavors include standards such as original and spicy, plus the unexpected seasonings of lemongrass and umami.

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These dogs are made with organic, grass-fed beef and a handful of other recognizable ingredients that we can get behind. We’re partial to the bison wieners, but the collection includes a variety of other options to throw on the grill.

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A fresh batch of The Meatball Shop's famed meatballs is the next best thing to a visit to New York. Made with Meyer’s Ranch Angus beef, Heritage pork, Italian herbs and spices, and ricotta cheese, they're sure to delight your favorite carnivore. Choose from The Meatball Shop's five savory sauces — and don't forget to invite yourself over for supper!

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Know someone who really appreciates a nice salami? This sampler offers four different types from top producers, along with a zesty mustard and cheddar for pairing. It’s the perfect addition to a game-day spread or something extra fun to break into at a family gathering.

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Murray's Cheese

Encourage someone you love to appreciate the luxuries in life with this pâté sampler pack, which includes pork liver mousse, pork rillettes, and country-style pork pistachio pâte from a beloved Portland-based purveyor.

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When you want to give an unexpected gift, go for this 10-piece sampler pack of wild game meat. With cured cuts from wild boar, buffalo, elk, Alaskan salmon, and a variety of sausage flavors, your meat-loving friend will enjoy taking a break from their typical snack foods to explore this diverse and delicious array. Check out our review of their classic sampler box here, too.

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Harry & David

This savory smorgasbord is nearly a party in a box. It's filled with an appetizing array of ready-to-serve treats, from salami and lemon dill smoked salmon to gouda cheese and green olive spread, so there's something everyone can enjoy. It even comes with a beautiful bamboo cutting board!

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Porter Road

Make sure your beloved is hungry, because this box is packed with so much meaty goodness. Think: dry-aged steaks, sirloin filets, pork chops, dry-aged ground beef, pork bacon, and a few extra goodies picked by the butcher just for your friend.

Tools & Accessories

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This tool is the secret to picture-perfect grill marks on everything. Made from heavy-duty cast iron, it heats up in the pan and can then be pressed down — don't worry, the handle stays cool — to cook meat more quickly and evenly. Make sure to tell your giftee to try it on their bacon, too, for next-level crispiness.

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Cast-iron skillets provide a great surface for searing meat and cooking a whole lot of other delicious goodies. This pick is a classic and it comes pre-seasoned so the lucky recipient can get right to the cooking.

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That friend who grills year-round will appreciate this upgrade. GrillGrate panels are designed to fit a variety of different grill sizes and brands, improving heat circulation and creating a solid surface that smaller items like veggies won't slip through. Plus, look at the sear marks it produces!

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Cookbooks are secretly genius gifts because they have the added benefit of inspiring the recipient to cook for you. That's definitely the case with this comprehensive barbecue guide from world-renowned BBQ master Aaron Franklin. Get ready for the tastiest 'cue of your life.

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The key to good seasoning is to find one that works to enhance your meat, not overwhelm it. This collection offers 10 great options for the meat-lover in your life to experiment with. It's got classics like Carolina pork rub as well as more nuanced options like mustard and tarragon seasoning.

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A great steak calls for a great knife. The ones in this set feel great in any hand and have an upset tip that's designed to help separate the meat from the bone.

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Williams Sonoma

The next step for anyone who's perfected all their meat recipes is to try their hand at homemade jerky. This dehydrator makes tender jerky out of just about any meat. The best part? The home chef in your life will get to customize every batch's flavor for better-than-store-bought results.

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was $109.00

One way professional chefs get consistenly delicious results with their meat is by using a reliable thermometer. Our editrs prefer the Thermapen ONE because it offers an astonishing one-second reading so you can quickly open and close the oven door without letting out too much heat.

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Know someone who makes an irresistible burger? Help them take their skills to the next level by grinding up their own unique blend of meat. This metal grinder fits right onto a KitchenAid stand mixer and comes with three grinding plates and two sausage stuffing tubes.

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When it's time to serve a meaty dinner, your friend will need a good cutting board to get the job done. This model has a handsome cherry wood finish and includes a spout where meat juices collect and can easily be poured into a saucepan for turning into gravy. This cutting board is definitely big enough to fit an entire chicken or several steaks.

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Solo Stove
was $149.99

Food just tastes better when it's cooked outside, and this portable stove is ideal for camping and backyard gatherings. It's small enough to be travel-friendly but still has enough power to cook up delicious fireside meals. And, when you're not cooking, it'll keep you warm and cozy.

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Made In
was $139.00

A good roasting pan can make all the difference when someone is preparing a big meal. Most people appreciate one that is lightweight, conducts heat well, can go from stovetop to oven, and cleans up easily. This workhorse checks all the boxes, plus, it doubles as a really great casserole dish.

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Williams Sonoma

A Dutch oven is one of the most versatile kitchen tools because it can go from stovetop to oven with ease. You can make almost anything in it, so trust us when we say that the meat-lover in your life will be happy to unwrap one of these enamel-coated, cast-iron workhorses.

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This small-space-friendly cast-iron braiser is a great size for cooking hearty stews and, as its name suggests, braising cuts of meat to become tender and juicy. You can choose different sizes and colors, but this blue 2.5-quart combo is the lowest price on Amazon right now. For a more budget-friendly option that works very similarly, check out Le Creuset's signature French oven.