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This Might be the Smartest Hidden Storage Spot for Your Measuring Cups and Spoons

published Jun 11, 2023
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One step in making southern hushpuppies: flour, baking powder being measured out over wood surface
Credit: Photo: Tara Donne; Food Styling: Cyd McDowell

Small-space dwellers are probably familiar with the struggle of having very few kitchen drawers. My kitchen, for instance, has only one, and it’s so narrow that I can only store my knife set. Now, when I’m baking a cake (Funfetti cake being a go-to of mine!), or whipping up one of those recipes that requires all of my spices, I have to stop what I’m doing, walk to the hallway, and retrieve my measuring spoons from inside a dresser that I converted into a purse-holder-slash-utensil-hub. 

While it’s only a few steps (I am living in a small apartment, after all!), the pause interrupts the great flow that comes along with cooking. So, you can imagine my happy surprise when Apartment Therapy toured blogger Tina Barisky’s 400-square-foot Vancouver apartment

“Like many who live in small spaces, we have had to get creative with the storage,” Barisky, who offers small-space planning services, said. Barisky, who shares the apartment with her fiancé, Rob, has had plenty of practice coming up with clever organizational hacks — and her measuring spoon solution is just one of many. 

The interior of her kitchen cabinet doors is the perfect spot for her measuring spoons. 

Credit: Tina Barisky

In Barisky’s kitchen, her measuring spoons hang on the interior of the cabinet doors. Not only do they take up minimal space, but they’re also situated in the spice cabinet — talk about cooking with ease! 

Not only is it a smart solution for storing measuring cups and spoons, which are notoriously difficult to store, but it’s also an affordable, rental-friendly hack, as they’re hung with easily removable Command Strips. The cherry on top? It’s totally hidden. 

So if you’re an avid baker dealing with limited storage space, don’t let it get you down! Instead, try Barisky’s hack and see every challenge as a chance to think outside the box. We can see this hack working for lots of things in smaller spaces — from bigger kitchen gadgets to cutting boards.

If you love this hack, you’re in luck — Barisky shared more small-space tips in the full tour of her Vancouver home on Apartment Therapy.