Expecting Mom Preps 425+ Meals Before Her Baby Arrives and You Need to See the Fridge

updated Nov 12, 2019
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Credit: Patty Catalano

Meal prepping is great for any busy person, but it’s especially great for parents. When you’re low on energy and just need something, anything, to feed your kids (and yourself), a stocked freezer full of food feels like a tiny miracle. This is even more important for NEW parents adjusting to a new sleep routine. So this week, we were incredibly impressed when we saw on Reddit that this expecting mom stored over 425 meals in advance of her child’s arrival. 

While “nesting” or spending a fair amount of time organizing the house and getting a room ready for an incoming baby is a long tradition for people expecting a baby soon, this is similar but seemingly far more productive and definitely going to make the parent (if not the baby) far more happy in a few months than the perfect mobile hanging in the exact right spot over the bed.

The soon-to-be-parent added a little context of what she made, how she made it, and her storage plans. Each of the frozen meals is designed to be easily heated in the oven, microwave, a panini press, or via sous vide or slow cooker. “The goal was to have foods for when we don’t want to cook/don’t feel up to it that we WANT to eat,” she explains in the comments. 

She generously links to the recipes, many from Cook’s Illustrated and Easy Freezer Meals, in the comments, and leaves a pretty good instructions set on how she froze each item flat so that it would store more efficiently in the freezer in case anybody else wants to follow in her footsteps. Most of the recipes she made are unfortunately behind a paywall, but there are couple that are available for everyone to see.

Most of the Meal Prep community on Reddit has stopped in the comments to congratulate the expecting mom on her stocked fridge, as well as to make sure that she’s monitoring temperatures and has backup power in case of an outage (she does). But nobody has asked the essential question yet: If she ends up having to pump, will she have any room in the freezers for breast milk?