The 10 Essential Things to Prep for Easier Weekday Meals

The 10 Essential Things to Prep for Easier Weekday Meals

Kelli Foster
Sep 4, 2018
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Meal prep is all about setting some time aside on the weekend (or a day that works best for your schedule) and cooking a food, or even a whole meal, to make feeding yourself and your family easier during the week. While this practice looks a little different for everyone, there are some versatile staples that you just can't go wrong with adding to your meal prep session. Here are 10 to get you started.

1. How To Roast Any Vegetable

Whether you're cleaning out your crisper or starting with a fresh haul, roasting a batch of veggies is an invaluable addition to the week. It's an instant side to round out whatever's for dinner, and can be added to everything from a plate of scrambled eggs to sandwiches.

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2. How To Make Easy Muesli

One of the great things about muesli is that it keeps for a while, so if you eat it regularly go ahead and make a double batch.

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3. How To Hard Boil Eggs Perfectly Every Time

Hard-boiled eggs are always a good idea to include in your meal prep routine. They add a punch of satisfying protein to salads and grain bowls.

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4. How To Make Baked Sweet Potatoes

Since baked sweet potatoes take a while in the oven, they're not very weeknight-friendly. Bake them over the weekend, then reheat and use them for breakfast or lunch, stuff them for dinner, or use them as a simple side dish.

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5. How To Cook Brown Rice

A pot of grains is a meal-prep must, and I lean towards brown rice since it's so versatile. Use it for everything from Buddha bowls to stir-fries to soup. And of course you can eat it as a simple side that partners with anything.

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6. How To Make a Frittata with Whatever You Have on Hand

The beauty of frittatas is that they're just as tasty eaten chilled or at room temperature as they are fresh from the oven. Layered between a couple of slices of bread with a swipe of Dijon, it makes the most amazing lunch.

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7. Sheet Pan BBQ Tofu

Why bake a plain batch of tofu when you can take advantage of its chameleon-like ability to absorb any flavor it's paired with? This version goes big by first coating the tofu with a smoky dry rub, then tossing it with plenty of sauce.

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8. 3-Ingredient Green Tahini Sauce

If you do just one thing during your meal prep session, make a sauce! In fact, make a double batch. This is the sauce I make more than any other, both for its flavor and versatility. I put it on everything from salads to sandwiches, and even use it as a dipping sauce.

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9. Slow Cooker BBQ Shredded Chicken

This slow cooker chicken is the gift that keeps on giving. Use it for sandwiches, tacos, salads, or pizza, then stash the leftovers (there will be leftovers!) in the freezer.

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

10. Thanksgiving Slaw

This might be called "Thanksgiving slaw," but this is a recipe to keep in your meal plan all year long. It has a hearty base, which means it holds up well for a week of make-ahead lunches or as a simple side for dinner.

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