Meal Planning Tool: Springpad

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Springpad is an online note-keeping system designed to keep you more organized, and it has a special section just for planning weekly meals and groceries. Check it out…

We’ll admit, we tend to be pretty haphazard about our shopping and meal planning. We swing by the farmers’ market, grocery store, bodega on the corner, etc. almost daily, never quiet knowing what we want to cook until a few hours before.

Most of you are more organized (just read the comments on this post). But for those of us who would like to be more deliberate about our meals and more efficient in our shopping, Springpad is a pretty cool tool.

You set up a free account, then go to your Weekly Meal Planner, where you can list what recipe you’re making each night. It’s almost a day planner of sorts; if you’re going out, you can list the website of the restaurant.

We really like how easy it is to cut and paste recipes from the web. You copy the URL and Springpad loads the recipe, plus the ingredients list. Then you can drag and drop ingredients into a grocery list for the week. One glitch we’ve found is that it copies ingredients into the grocery list word for word. So, say you need 2 tablespoons of butter for Monday’s dish and half a stick of butter for something on Tuesday. You’ll have both items in your list and would need to consolidate manually. We do like how you can make separate lists for different stores, though.

We haven’t spent a ton of time playing around (that’s a quick hypothetical we created, above)—and, given our iPod-less life, don’t know how well this works with mobile devices—but we’re hopeful this might make our weekly cooking less hectic.

Check it out and let us know what you think: springpad
Meal Planners at springPad

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