The $20 Amazon Find That’ll Keep Your Kitchen Tools and Gadgets in Order Once and for All

published Feb 9, 2024
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Galley kitchen with white countertops in Brooklyn kitchen.
Credit: Erin Derby

Organizing your kitchen will make a world of difference in your cooking routine. For one, if you have a busy schedule, think about how much time you’ll save by not having to endlessly rifle through a drawer for a spatula. A quality drawer organizer will instantly make everything easy to find. A cookware rack for your cabinet will allow you to grab your fry pan without having to move a ton of other things out of the way. Organizers like these are key to whipping up your meals as quickly and efficiently as possible — but even when you do have the extra time, they’ll still make the process way more enjoyable. 

Given the fact that their contents are out of sight most of the time, it’s way too easy to let drawers fall into disarray. And, as you acquire more and more tools, it can get even more out of hand. That’s where mDesign’s ingenious organizer comes into play — it’ll make the most of every inch of your drawer thanks to its two-tier design and accommodates tools of all sizes. Better yet, it’s priced at only $20, and once you hear more about it, I have no doubt that you’ll want to add one to every drawer in your house.

What is the mDesign Plastic Stackable Kitchen Storage Drawer Organizer?

This isn’t your average drawer organizer. Unlike most other options on the market, this one offers two levels of storage, with a sectioned shallow tray that stacks on top of a larger bin. The smaller one holds things like measuring spoons and bottle openers and the one underneath corrals larger utensils like spatulas and baking tools. The two pieces come apart, so you could even use them separately and place them counter while cooking. Still, when it’s in the drawer, the top tray slides back and forth so that you can access the items below easily.

It’s also refrigerator- and freezer-safe, if you wanted to use it to organize food or snacks. There’s really no limit to where you can place this nifty organizer. You can take a page out of a number of reviewers’ books and use it to tidy up your makeup drawer, for instance, or it can go in a desk drawer to wrangle office or art supplies. Regardless, don’t forget to measure your drawers beforehand — it comes out to about 12 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 3 inches deep.

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“I have a tiny kitchen and utilizing vertical space is a must. I have two that keep all my smaller utensils in order while creating space for my larger items. It is the perfect size for thermometers, measuring spoons, etc. They are easy to clean and move around if needed. I do take the organizers out of the drawer if I need most of the items and have had no problem with cleaning them.” —
Teryl Brown

“I live in a tiny home and have one in my kitchen drawer to hold small objects and the oddball knives. Works so well, I now have a second in my bathroom.” — Voracious Reader

“This amazing little organizer is a game changer! Love the sliding top for added storage for those little items. I originally bought for my kitchen drawer, but it was a bit too small for the gadgets I had in mind. It found its way to my bathroom vanity and is the ultimate makeup/hair accessory organizer! The top glides back and forth easily and tucks away neatly in a drawer. I have combs, scissors, hair accessories in the bottom and my eyeliner, shadows, brushes etc. in the top bin. It’s easy to clean and since it’s clear, you can easily find what you are looking for.” — Kristie H.

We all have an overfull drawer or two, and trust me, this versatile, $20 find is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Maybe you already have an organizer in your utensil drawer — but I’ll bet that it only has a single tier and starts to overflow pretty quickly. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to this stackable option that makes better use of the space!