You Aren’t Using Your McDonald’s Fry Container to Its Full Potential

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: enchanted_fairy)

One of the great advances of the internet age is that we have all learned about the secret tricks and hidden uses for everyday objects. Over the years, we’ve learned about breaking the end of our disposable chopsticks off to make a rest for them, how to unfold those paper ketchup containers, and to turn our soda can tab around to hold our straw, but Reddit user Ranude2011 just posted a meme explaining exactly why our McDonald’s fry containers are taller on one side than the other — it turns out that flap has a purpose. Maybe.

In the photo, which seems to be clipped from Twitter, shows the flap folded backwards to make a small tray, onto which the diner can squeeze the ketchup for easy dipping. While it’s not an issue if you’re seated at a table, this is an excellent solution if you’re chowing down on the go or balancing lunch in your lap, keeping everything contained in a single hand.

Reddit, however, isn’t buying it. Many users pointed out that the fry containers they use don’t have the same folded-up sides shown in the photo, and others mentioned that the real reason for that flap is to ease friction in the fry scooping process. A handful of users call this out as fake. But hey, if it works for you then it’s a pretty great hack!

If you’re looking for a different ketchup dipping tip, user Heartdropsdaily has another solution to keep your hands free from that messy ketchup business: ripping off the top of the ketchup package completely, to allow for dipping fries directly into the packet. This seems, to a klutz like me, to be a messy proposition — but hey, other people can also make it through a meal without spilling on themselves. Of course, this tip also assumes you have the personal fortitude to dip just one fry at a time.