Elevate Your Sodas and Cocktails with Drinking Vinegars

Drinking vinegars (also known as shrubs) have been having a moment in the past couple years. There are cookbooks that teach you how to make your own, and bottled versions made popular by Pok Pok, among others.

Our latest obsession, The McClary Bros. Old Timey Drinking Vinegar, comes from Detroit, and we can’t get enough of their flavors and their story.

Started by Jess McClary and named for her twin boys (both of whom love the vinegars), the company has been committed from the start to making their business sustainable. For example, the spent apples from some of their flavors are used in the chutneys of another local business.

(Image credit: McClary Bros Drinking Vinegars)

Of course, our favorite thing about the vinegars are the flavors, which go well in in cocktails, sodas, or salad dressings. Our social media manager Kaitlin has a few top picks.

“I discovered McClary Bros. drinking vinegars late last year, and I am absolutely obsessed! Although I’ve sampled many of their wonderful flavors, my absolute favorites are Lemon Ginger, Beet Carrot, and Detroit Thai Basil. I tend to favor mixing them with vodka and sparkling water, but they’re excellent when used in sodas, and can even be used in salad dressings and sauces. Their sour-sweet qualities are addictively refreshing.