Mayonnaise Is Hands-Down America’s Favorite Condiment

published Feb 3, 2014
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(Image credit: Ritchie King for Quartz)

What’s America’s favorite condiment? It’s not ketchup, and definitely not mustard. Nope, it’s mayonnaise all the way. Does this surprise you?

If pressed, I might have thought that ketchup would win the award for most-consumed condiment (think of all those fries). But when you consider that mayonnaise is not only slathered on sandwiches but used as an ingredient in many other dishes (like ranch dressing) it really isn’t so surprising.

Of course, the natural next question is: should we be eating so much mayo? Nutritionally speaking, it’s far more caloric than its distant runners-up, soy sauce, mustard, and hot sauce. And mayonnaise has its fair share of haters; reported on this mayonnaise data by quoting Craig Horwitz of on his favorite alternatives to the “slimy stuff,” such as:

…a lot of tomato (“extremely under-rated as a sandwich moisturizer,” he said), avocado (“one of our bigger weapons in the war against mayonnaise”) and Greek yogurt (“which solves the whole tuna fish dilemma”).

But a Hellmann’s spokesperson argues that even mayo-haters probably eat more mayo than they realize — and like it:

“I think mayo haters are missing out,” he says. “Haters can be won over by realizing that they’ve probably eaten it and enjoyed it.”

How do your mayo habits stack up against this chart? Love it? Hate it? Avoid it? I like it in the aforementioned ranch dressing, and it’s always nice with a bit of garlic (call it aioli and people embrace it wholeheartedly). Here’s how to make your own mayo at home:

The super easy way to make your own mayonnaise at home: How To Make Mayonnaise — The Video