7 Little (Super-Cute) Ways to Celebrate May the Fourth in Your Kitchen

updated May 4, 2020
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Happy 4th of May! Also known as May the Fourth, today is the geekiest day of the year! (It’s a play on May the force be with you, but you probably already knew that or else you wouldn’t have clicked on this post. We see you, Star Wars fanatics!) As if you needed any help getting into the fantastical holiday, we’ve rounded up some of the sleekest Star Wars-themed kitchen gear. (Translation: No cheesy Darth Vader helmet toasters here.) Bonus: Nothing on this list costs more than $24.

1. Star Wars Storm Trooper Flexible Spatula

We think you may flip for this spatula. Just in case you’re not a Storm Trooper fan, there are also spatulas featuring Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and R2D2.

Buy: Star Wars Storm Trooper Flexible Spatula, $17 at Williams Sonoma

Credit: Etsy

2. Yoda Best Mom Mug

Baby Yoda, the breakout star of The Mandalorian is here to steal your mom’s heart just in time for Mother’s Day!

Buy: Yoda Best Mom Mug, $24 at Etsy

3. Le Creuset Star Wars R2-D2 Cocotte

Le Creuset’s R2-D2 stoneware cocotte is downright adorable. Besides being oven, freezer, and microwave-safe, it’s also the perfect size for serving snacks and dips.

Buy: Le Creuset Star Wars R2-D2 Cocotte, $24 (normally $30)

Credit: Etsy

4. Cook You Must Yoda Cutting Board

Wise, Yoda is. Listen to Yoda, you should. Choose from two wood types and two sizes, you can.

Buy: Cook You Must Yoda Cutting Board, from $18 at Etsy

Credit: Etsy

5. Death Star Planter with Plant

How cute would this look on the window near your kitchen sink? Plus, unlike a lot of other planters you buy online, this one actually comes with the plant.

Buy: Death Star Planter with Plant, $18 at Etsy

Credit: Etsy

6. May the Fork Be with You Kitchen Tea Towel

We know it’s technically “May the force,” but we like this pun even better. Because we’re a food site and we think everyone should have a fork in hand at all times.

Buy: May the Fork Be with You Kitchen Tea Towel, $16 (normally $18) at Etsy

Credit: Etsy

7. Star Wars Decal

We’ve been obsessed with decals ever since we laid eyes on the Pioneer Woman’s custom stand mixer. (See: This Is the Ultimate Gift for Pioneer Woman Fanatics.) And we love that this set deviates from the typical floral situation. It’s Star Wars-y, it’s funny, and it’s available in 22 different colors.

Buy: Star Wars Decal, $10 at Etsy

How are you celebrating May the Fourth?