The $35 Tool That Keeps Selling Out Is Finally Back in Stock — and, Yes, It’s Worth the Hype

updated May 10, 2021
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Credit: Material

Direct-to-consumer kitchen brand Material is behind some of our favorite everyday tools, cookware, and essentials. Their fry panknives, and cutting boards are loved by several Kitchn editors, and personally, I’m a huge fan of their $15 soft-edge turner. But lately, there’s been another product from the brand that I just can’t seem to get enough of. In fact, it’s so versatile that I have been using it to snip herbs, butterfly chicken breasts, create tiny pieces of beef chucks for Sunday stew, slice pizza, snip off bread crust, cut too-big pieces of veggies so I can toss them directly in the pan (lazy cook hack!), open up cans … and occasionally even bust open Amazon packages. Yes, I’m talking about the slick and shiny Good Shears. And it’s not just me who’s obsessed with this product. It’s so popular with Material customers that it already sold out twice since launching. But after months of being out of stock, it’s finally available again.

Priced at $35, The Good Shears is one of those products I wish I had bought a lot sooner. Unlike my old pair of shears that got rusty over time and needed every ounce of my strength to be pulled apart, this beautiful piece of lightweight kitchenware is a complete joy to use. It’s made using German stainless steel (absolutely no plastic!) and designed to be long lasting and nearly indestructible.

When it comes to using the shears, the tiny little grooves on one side of the blade grip onto anything you’re cutting, giving you effortless control. The blades are also super sharp and can slice through everything from a thick slab of beef to chunky paneer. Case in point: I used my shears recently to make round pieces of unleavened dough for fried pooris, a job that’s tough even with the sharpest knife. The shears surprisingly sliced through the dough, easily saving me so much time and effort. And the blades are even sharp enough to open up cans with ease. I also have to call out the comfortable handle that gives plenty of cushioning and support.

Another pet peeve I had with my old shears? The metal started getting corroded after just a few washes. Material’s shears, on the other hand, are designed to be dishwasher friendly. I simply unlock the two pieces and toss them in the dishwasher for thorough cleaning. And if there are bits of food stuck in the grip, I can remove the silicone liners for a deeper clean.

Priced at $35, Material’s Good Shears can do it all (and then some!). Trust me, you’ll be reaching for them every time you need to slice or cut something open. In fact, they’re so good, I’m considering snagging a second pair so that I can keep my meats and veggie shears separate. I just hope they’re still in stock by the time I hit checkout …

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