Our Favorite Plastic Cutting Boards Now Come in 3 New, Summery Colors — And They’re Sure to Sell Out

published Jul 7, 2021
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Credit: Material

You wouldn’t think that something as simple as a cutting board could derail a Kitchn staff meeting. And yet, it’s happened. It started when two of our editors proclaimed their fandom for Material’s reBoard, and then the rest of the team had to see what all the fuss was about. We scooped up their gorgeous colors like sunny Sand, orange-y Coral, and light blue Tide, and now we’re all on the reBoard train. It’s funny because it’s not super often that the entire editorial team totally agrees on the same kitchen product.

Of course, we’re not the only ones who love it. When the eco-friendly cutting board (it’s made from recycled plastic and sugarcane) first launched in July 2019, it sold out in just three days. And since then, Material has sold more than 20,000 reBoards and “sold out 10 times over its almost-two-year lifetime,” the company tells us.

Here’s one particular fervent fan, our Copy Chief, Lauren Kodiak, on why she loves the reBoard so much: “I was so excited to try out this cutting board that I brought it with me to Maine on vacation,” she said two summers ago. “I’ve been using it daily for the last two weeks, chopping everything from onions to cooked lobster. It never slides across the counter while I’m chopping, like some of my other cutting boards do (which is super dangerous!). My favorite part? It can go in the dishwasher! I’ve run it in the dishwasher every night and it comes out perfectly clean — no stains, no lingering smells (remember the lobster!). It’s holding up incredibly well to the wear and tear I’ve put it through already.” And she’s been using her reBoards (yes, now she has multiples!) nonstop in the years since.

Credit: Material

So, you can imagine how excited we all were to find out that today (!!!) Material launched three new bright, bold, limited-edition reBoard colors. There’s violet Anemone, bright orange Kumquat, and vivid blue Azure. What’s even better? These gorgeous colors are up for grabs as full-size or (mini) reBoards. Anemone is available in the full-size version and Kumquat and Azure are available in the mini. We love the large version for prep work and the small one for snacks and little kitchen tasks, like slicing an apple, cutting up a block of cheese, or chopping a handful of herbs.

You can buy all of three of these new colors, starting today, over on Material. (Plus the standard six colors are currently available.) Run, don’t walk, though: Selling out is kind of the reBoard’s thing.

Which color is your favorite?