Material Is Offering Kitchn Readers an Exclusive 20% Off — Here Are Our Top 5 Picks for Spending It

published Dec 13, 2023
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If there’s one kitchen brand we adore, it’s Material. From its superior knives and prep tools to cooking essentials that have become mainstays in our kitchens, drinkware, and more, the brand is home to some of the best kitchen must-haves on the market today. Now, if you’re someone who’s been itching to get your hands on a Material piece or two, but afraid you missed out on a great deal now that Black Friday has passed, we have some great news for you. For a limited time, Material is offering The Kitchn readers (like you!) 20% off your entire order through Dec. 31 when you use the code “AT20” at checkout! To help make your shopping a bit easier, below, we rounded up five of our favorite Material staples we think everyone should have in their kitchen. And, if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for a foodie on your holiday shopping list, consider this a sign — Material is the way to go.

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Plastic tends to get a bad rap in the kitchen, but it’s ideal for certain tasks, such as chopping veggies or meat. Material’s incredibly popular reBoard is a plastic cutting board you won’t feel icky about. It’s BPA-free, made with zero virgin plastic, and a portion of the profits from one of its most popular colors is donated to charity.

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It's common knowledge that copper is a master at conducting and distributing heat, but you probably didn't know that it can also be super easy to care for. The coated pan proves that, thanks in large part to its nonstick coating. This 10.5-inch piece is, in fact, highly practical for daily use, and it looks beautiful, too. If there's one splurgy thing to save on, this is it.

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There's no kind of panic quite like when you're frying something and you can't find the right utensil to unstick it from the pan before it burns. That's why you should always keep this soft edge turner next to the stove. Made of a tough nylon core coated with heat-resistant silicone, this angled spatula will keep your omelettes, tortillas, and tofu dishes heated from all sides without making you have to scrub the pan afterward.

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It's always convenient to have a sturdy pair of scissors on hand for a variety of reasons, such as opening tough packages, trimming loose threads, and, yes, cooking. The Good Shears are here to help you slice through bread, garnishes, and any other edible item that doesn't lend itself to being cut easily with a knife. And, the shears are made of serrated stainless steel, so you know they'll stay sharp for a long time.

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If you've ever used an old peeler and come dangerously close to nicking yourself, you'll appreciate Material's Forever Peeler, which doesn't just work exceptionally well, but also won't cause your hand to cramp up thanks to its innovative U-shape. You'll also be happy to learn that it comes with a replacement blade, which you can swap in when the original gets dull.