Material’s New Cutting Board Is for Anyone with a “Close Call” Story

published Aug 24, 2023
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Purple and orange cutting boards
Credit: Material

Everyone has a “close call” story in the kitchen. It’s one of those moments that could have, probably, maybe gone very wrong — like a visit-to-the-hospital-level wrong — but didn’t by some shining stroke of luck. Let me tell you about a close call that happened recently: I was cutting up a tomato on a cutting board, when I must’ve applied too much pressure to the knife or shifted my weight as I sliced. All of the sudden, the cutting board slipped off the counter and I let go of the knife in surprise. Both items landed on the floor, thankfully nowhere near my bare feet, and gave me a quick adrenaline rush. 

Quick Overview

A look at Material’s (Grippy) Reboard

  • Colorful cutting board with silicone grips that stay put on countertops
  • Made with renewable sugarcane and recycled scraps 
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free
  • Retails for $40

Cutting boards, as essential as they may be, aren’t very practical. Yes, of course you should be hovering confidently and squarely above one as you work, but things happen. And when they inevitably do, a cutting board isn’t going to be as steady as you’d hope. It wobbles. It slides. And while there are other tools you can use to give them more support, it would be nice if cutting boards took care of that themselves. After all, it’s you who has to figure out what to eat for dinner every night, and that’s a lot to ask. 

Material’s latest take on their popular cutting board, the (grippy) reBoard answers this wish in the best possible way. It acts like a rock through the storm of your cooking, keeping still through every slice. And given that this brand is known for balancing form and function, you’ll want to keep it on display during takeout nights, too. 

Credit: Kelly Dawson

What’s So Special About Material’s (Grippy) Reboard?

Material’s reCollection consists of cutting boards that are stylish and sustainable. Every board is made from renewable sugarcane and recycled scraps, and they’re BPA-free while also being food safe. I purchased my first cutting board from Material three years ago, the (mini) reBoard, because it was the perfect amount of square footage for slicing up snacks like apples and cheese. That board has held up well, but I never liked how much it slipped around on my stone countertops when I wasn’t careful. 

I couldn’t have been the only one, because the new grippy cutting board solves that problem. There are now small, circular silicone grips on every corner of the board, which retails for $40, adhering it in place on your counters. I’ve cut fruit and vegetables, cheese, and pizza on this new item in my arsenal, and nothing has made it shift as I’ve worked. 

The board is also dishwasher-safe, but since it takes a few seconds to scrub, I’ve only ever washed it by hand. Here’s why I’ve only ever handwashed it, even though it can go through a cycle: This board is pretty. Like, really pretty. 

The (grippy) reBoard comes in two fun shades, an ocean blue “lapis” and a soft purple “taffy,” and I picked up the latter. It matches my surrounding kitchen accessories perfectly — the shade complements sage green and navy well — and looks great alongside my wood cutting board, too. I want to casually lean the grippy against my kitchen wall for all time (or, in other words, for as long as I have to continue thinking about what to make for dinner). 

I should also note that there’s a circular cutout in the top corner of the board, which can be used to hang it beneath or inside a cabinet. No matter how you store Material’s (grippy) reBoard though, this much is true: When it’s on hand, it’s far less likely that you’ll accidentally cut yours off. 

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