Material Is Having a Huge Sitewide Sale on the Kitchen Tools We Swear By — and We Got You Exclusive Early Access

published Mar 8, 2024
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When it comes to kitchen tools, there are a handful of brands that we always keep a close eye on — Material is one of them. From their iconic cutting board to their top-notch nonstick pan, the brand’s high-quality products are a beloved part of many of our editors (and readers’) kitchens. That being said, there’s nothing we love more than a deal, and a deal from Material? Well, that’s just double the fun.

From March 12 through March 19, the brand is hosting its annual birthday sale, and while the sale doesn’t officially go live until then, The Kitchn readers can shop the sale early by using the code “KTBDAY” at checkout! With savings of up to 25% off, now’s the perfect time to pick up any pieces you may have on your wishlist before anyone else. Best of all, the brand is offering top-notch gifts-with-purchase when you spend a certain amount: Spend $200 to get The Good Shears for free, spend $300 to get the Linen Napkins for free, and spend $400 to get The Half Glass set for free. Not sure where to start? Check out some of our favorite Material picks below.

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was $35.00

If you're looking to replace a beat-up old cutting board, look no further. The reBoard is one of our editors' favorite cutting boards ever because of its pretty design, lightweight construction, and textured surface, which makes it easier to slice through slippery foods without having an accident. What's more, the reBoard is made of sustainable materials, unlike traditional plastic boards. You can also get it in a smaller size to save on counter space!

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was $115.00

Material's iconic skillet is a work of art that will last a lifetime. It's made of stainless steel with a copper core for optimal heat distribution, and it has a fume-free coating that lasts up to 37x longer than ceramic. And who could hate that gorgeous metallic color?

3 / 10
was $170.00

A good chef’s knife is key in the kitchen, but there are some jobs that a giant blade just can’t do. Material's Trio of Knives includes a 4-inch knife to tackle intricate tasks, a 6-inch serrated knife (so helpful for cutting bread and tomatoes!), and a classic 8-inch chef’s knife. The handles come in a few different colors, which means that — unlike clunky 12-piece knife blocks — this set wins when it comes to form and function.

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was $125.00

A truly well-made sauté pan is hard to find. This one is thoughtfully designed with tall sides — meaning you can braise, simmer, and sear, all without stovetop splatter. It has a copper core for boosted heat retention and comes with a tight-fitting lid. It’s the sort of pan you didn’t know how much you needed until you own it.

5 / 10
was $25.00

It’s rare that we find a spatula that's great at multiple jobs, but this lovely number is special. The Soft-Edge Turner is made from soft-edged silicone with just the right amount of flexibility. In other words? It can scrape, mix, and flip. (It also happens to be the most attractive spatula we’ve ever seen.)

6 / 10
was $115.00

Material's dishware is truly unique. Each hand-finished plate is one-of-a-kind and imperfect, meaning no two sets will ever be the same. The Place Setting gets you a full dinner plate, a side plate, and a wide bowl that's perfect for all kinds of meals. The plates will subtly dress up any dining spread with their earthy color scheme, glossy finish, and clean design.

7 / 10
was $115.00

This 3-quart wonder is a must-have item for anyone who cooks rice or grains, boils pasta, steams veggies, or makes soup (so … everyone who cooks, basically). It has the same copper core as the sauté pan, and is lined with five layers of stainless steel for even cooking. You'll appreciate the markers on the inside of the pot, which tell you how full it is without having to measure.

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was $90.00

These dinner knives are designed to be useful for way more than digging into a delicious steak. Each features a straight blade instead of a serrated one, so you can use them for a casual weeknight meal that requires cutting into veggies or chicken, too. And check out those chic, colorful handles!

9 / 10
was $28.00

Finally — a peeler that really is so strong it'll last, well, forever! The U-shaped design fits easily into the palm of your hand, and the razor-sharp blade makes peeling nearly effortless. It even comes with a replacement blade if you use this baby so much that it starts to dull.

10 / 10
was $325.00

Whether you're moving to a new place, looking for a housewarming gift, or just wanting to refresh your kitchen, you can't go wrong with The Iconics set. You get every meal prep tool (other than cookware) you could possibly need in one purchase, including knives, large spoons, tongs, a whisk, and more — all organized in an elegant wooden base.