Matcha Martinis Are All the Rage — Here’s Everything You Need to Make Your Own

published Oct 27, 2022
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You might be used to seeing matcha in tea, lattes, and maybe even baked goods or ice cream. This slightly sweet and bitter-tasting powder, however, is making its way beyond your Starbucks cup this winter. Whereas the espresso martini has reigned supreme as the trendy cocktail for a couple of years now, more and more people are seeming to realize that matcha martinis are just as fun and delicious, especially for the holiday season. If you see this drink on a bar or restaurant menu, you have to give it a try, because every cocktail bar you venture into will undoubtedly put its own spin on the beverage. But, we won’t fault you for not wanting to drop close to $20 (in some cases) on one tiny aperitif. Instead, you can make it at home for less! You don’t have to be a bartending virtuoso in order to craft your own perfect matcha martini and awe holiday party guests — there are plenty of easy-to-follow recipes online, and you just need a few key ingredients that we’ve conveniently listed out below. So read on, and happy mixing!

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Clevr Blends

It goes without saying that you need matcha for a matcha martini. Clevr blends, an editor favorite, has one of the best mixes in the game. It not only tastes like authentic Japanese matcha (because it is!), but it's also fully organic and enhanced with probiotics. If you're drinking this beverage at a party, you can rest assured that this energizing blend will keep you going all night long.

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Martinis can, of course, be made with either gin or vodka, but for this recipe, we suggest the latter. You can't go wrong with Grey Goose, which has a relatively mild taste that won't overpower the other elements. (The bottle's price also isn't bad for how much vodka you're getting.) All in all, this is the ideal base for your drink.

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Vermouth is an optional ingredient for this recipe. This bottle of Martini & Rossi has a slighty floral and citrusy flavor, so if you decide to include it, we recommend skipping the next item on this list — or any gourmand flavors altogether. But for a more refreshing sip, add a splash of this!

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As noted earlier, matcha can taste quite bitter if you're not used to it. To sweeten up your mix and make this beverage more suited to the winter season, pour some Baileys into your shaker. The creamy liqueur contains notes of vanilla and chocolate, which will make things go down a lot smoother and keep the grimace off your face.

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You might get away with eyeballing it when crafting a cocktail for yourself, but if you're entertaining, this jigger will ensure that no one becomes the victim of under- or overpouring. The jigger is made of durable stainless steel, and it simplifies the whole bartending process. Really, this is a good item to have on your cart for any occasion.

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To integrate the matcha powder into the liquor and avoid a clumpy disaster, you'll want to mix everything really well in this stainless steel shaker. OXO is one of our favorite brands for all things cookware, so you can trust that this find will get the job done. The shaker also comes with its own built-in strainer, so your final product will contain no lumps or bumps.

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Your drink is fully shaken, and now it's time to pour! This four-piece set of classic martini glasses is great for gatherings and will make you look like a professional host. Each glass is made of dishwasher-safe, break-resistant glass, so if one takes a tumble, it's all good. This set is so inexpensive, though, that it won't cost a fortune to replace.

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Take your martini from a first-course diversion to a full-on experience by adding some of this dazzling golden demerara sugar around the rim. It comes in a convenient tin for just $9 and elevates the look and taste of your drink in seconds. This is a great ingredient to have behind the bar in general, as it perfectly complements all kinds of wintery beverages, such as eggnog and Irish coffee.

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West Elm

Presentation is everything, and guests will certainly be impressed if you serve them matcha martinis on this dashing gold tray. Aside from its eye-catching color, the tray is simple in design, so it won't clash with other decor or funky dishware. It's also made of sturdy aluminum that's lightweight and easy to carry.

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was $107.00

Continuing with the gold theme, this sleek ice bucket will look amazing on your counter. Ice is, after all, a key ingredient in this recipe. Just grab a few cubes from this container with the included tongs, plop them into your shaker, and give your concoction a few good swings. And right now, this bucket is nearly half-off at Macy's, so snag it fast!