This Iconic British Baking Find Is Also My Favorite Thing of All Time

updated Jun 25, 2019
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Credit: Mark Marino

Psst. Hey, you. Yes, you! I’m going to let you in on the secret to making perfect baked goods every time. Ready? Get a Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl. Wait, let me explain.

I first discovered Mason Cash about 10 years ago while visiting my friend in London. It was close to Christmas and I was popping into department stores like Selfridges, John Lewis, and Liberty, trying to find presents for friends and family but mostly just buying gifts for myself. Because I like to cook, I’d inevitably make my way to each store’s kitchenware section, where I’d see the same large, tan-colored mixing bowl.

Something about it intrigued me, and eventually I finally picked one up for a closer look. The bowl had a triangle-pattern rim, an eye-catching diamond-print pattern that I would totally wear if it were on a sweater, and a gleaming white glazed interior. I flipped it over and saw the manufacturer’s name: Mason Cash. Never heard of ‘em. And then I saw the price: 28 GBP, which was roughly $35 U.S. That seemed like too much cash for a Mason Cash, so I left the bowl behind.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. In fact, I did some Googling and later learned that Mason Cash had quite a history in England, producing pottery since the 1800s and introducing this beauty, the Mason Cash Mixing Bowl, in 1901. Over time, I began spotting the bowl in British movies and shows, including

Downton Abbey


The Great British Bake Off

. I assumed everyone in England had one in their cupboard, including
Queen Elizabeth, and I now needed one too. So I splurged on
a 4.25-quart bowl for myself and I couldn’t be happier.

For starters, it just looks great in my kitchen, where it sits proudly atop my refrigerator when not in use. But make no mistake — this bowl is a workhorse. I’ve used it for everything from mixing batter for a homemade funfetti cake to kneading dough for a cinnamon roll-topped apple pie to prepping pastry cream for a zuppa inglese. And because of the bowl’s esteemed history and association with The Great British Bake Off, I feel like a pro every time. Sometimes, I even imagine Mel and Sue (I’m old-school GBBO) sneaking up behind me in the kitchen, peeking over my shoulder and cracking jokes as I whisk away — which, come to think of it, would actually be quite terrifying because they would have somehow gotten into my apartment despite my door being locked.

Other reasons I love my Mason Cash Cane Mixing Bowl? Its width and depth makes it especially great for sifting flour without it spilling all over my countertop, the glazed interior prevents dough from sticking, and all those ridges and patterns on the bowl’s exterior make it easy to grip when mixing.

Okay, but does it really guarantee that your baked goods will be perfect every time? Well … not exactly. But I swear everything just tastes better whenever I use this bowl. In fact, I’ve become such a big fan of Mason Cash that I’ve since bought their pudding basins and ingenious multi-use cooking utensils. I even purchased a vintage Cane Mixing Bowl on eBay.

Yes, Mason Cash mixing bowls are a bit pricey, but they are also quite durable and versatile, so when you’re not baking, you can use them to serve, say, salads and snacks. The bowls also come in a range of colors besides traditional Cane and numerous patterns, which means you can find one to suit your style and match your kitchen decor.

I can’t promise the bowl will make you a better baker, but in your mind, you’ll feel like one. So what are you waiting for? On your marks, get set … bake!