Mashed, Hashed & Buttered: 8 Ways to Love a Turnip

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Think we can give a little love to this under-appreciated root vegetable? Here are some ideas to get the wheels turning.

This time of year (ie, autumn), you’ll find young turnips just plucked from the ground. These will be smaller and sweeter than the turnips you’ll find later in the season. As such, they’re a great way to ease your way into turnip-love. Use them in breakfast hashes and quicker-cooking dishes.

In the dog-days of winter, you’ll want to cook older turnips a little longer to bring out their best flavor. This is the time for stews and braises. These turnips also soak up seasonings like a sponge, so don’t be afraid to raid your spice cupboard.

What are your favorite ways to eat turnips?