Small Space Solution: How To Make a Vertical Pot Rack

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Mary, a reader, just sent an email showing us her pot rack solution for a small kitchen. She doesn’t have a lot of room in the kitchen for a full-sized pot rack, since their kitchen has only eight feet of vertical space. Read on to see more of why, and how, she hung this inexpensive and practical pot rack.

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Mary says:

Here is our idea on how to “hang vertical” when you are space challenged. This is a metal chain, S-hooks, and a carabiner purchased from a home improvement store. Total cost including hooks to hang pots was $42.76. The hardest part was making sure we found a stud to hang this from.

I thought at first I wouldn’t like it because our kids would bang into it for sound effects but the only people who seem to like it is our cats (and they can’t really get it rockin’ least yet).

I love pot racks, and I love to see what I have and find what I need, but in a 8-foot ceiling kitchen a standard pot rack has proven to be very painful (especially for our guests over 6′).

We like this — thank you so much Mary! It’s a good solution for both very tall and very short people; I personally have never had a pot rack because I could never hang it low enough for my short self! But this is a practical way for even the most vertically-challenged cook to have all her pots and pans on display, and to keep them away from taller visitors’ heads!

Originally published September 2, 2009.

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