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Martha Stewart’s Stroopwafels Are the Sweet Treat You Need for Holiday Entertaining

published Dec 22, 2021
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We’re actively in the heat of holiday baking season, which means we’re also perfecting our cookie varieties. From sugar cookies  to classic Linzers, this is the time to delight your taste buds with some of the most popular cookies around. And, of course, we can rely on Martha Stewart to help us add to our growing lists.

While we’ve already fallen in love with Martha’s peanut butter sandwich cookies for holiday entertaining, the kitchen maven has now presented us with another cookie recipe to add to our menus: stroopwafels.  

The stroopwafels start, of course, with making waffles. This is done fairly traditionally, by heating up a waffle maker and whisking together flour with baking soda and a bit of salt. Meanwhile, in another bowl, you’ll whisk your eggs, sugar, melted (but cooled) butter, and both vanilla and lemon extract. Then, pour the flour mixture into the egg mixture. That batter will now go into a pastry bag, and be piped into the waffle iron in a 2-inch circle. Cook until brown, as we would with other waffles.

That’ll only need to cook about two minutes, which gives you just enough time to work on your caramel filling for your stroopwafels. This caramel is a simple mix of light corn syrup, sugar, and water in a saucepan. You will gently swirl until the sugar dissolves, and the mixture turns a caramel-like color. That should take about 10 minutes, and then, you’ll add some cream, vanilla seeds, and butter, as well as a pinch of salt. Let it cool as you use a round cookie cutter to cut your waffles into perfect shape.

All you’ll have left to do is spread your caramel mixture onto your cookies, and press them together. Then, it’s time for the best part: enjoying your deliciously sweet creation (it pairs beautifully with a steaming cup of coffee).

Watch the video and check out the whole recipe here.