Martha Stewart’s Empire Sold for Less than 20% of Its Heyday Value

(Image credit: Martha Stewart)

Well, it’s official. Martha Stewart’s media and merchandising enterprises have been sold to Sequential Brands Group – which owns and consolidates numerous celebrity brands — for 353 million, a far drop from the company’s 1999 valuation of 1.8 billion. What does this sale mean for the domestic diva?

Martha Stewart has struggled in recent years — and it’s not just because of her prison time. She has far more competition in decorating and cooking content from both the celebrity and blog worlds, and her merchandise lines have also stalled in sales.

This acquisition may funnel fresh ideas and organization into the media group, or simply spell the beginning of the end for the Martha empire. Regardless of what happens to it, Martha has been a huge influence on all of us in the shelter and cooking spaces, and that’s not going away any time soon.