Martha Stewart’s New Weird, but Delightful Party Trick Is Stacking Wine Glasses, I Guess?

updated Feb 24, 2020
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Credit: Denis Contreras/Stringer/Getty Images

Martha Stewart has long staked her career on being the consummate hostess, but it turns out she isn’t half bad at being a party guest, either. Any good party guest has a good party trick and on Instagram last week, she showed off hers: stacking wine glasses.

Unlike so many celebrity Instagram accounts, Martha’s photos tend to be fairly candid and random. They rarely seem to be taken by anyone with much photographic skill and certainly never give the impression that there might be a publicist behind the scenes making sure she stays on-brand. Which is delightfully charming in this day and age, and also results in us getting to learn what Martha Stewart really does after (presumably) a few glasses of wine.

The first photo seems to show her in Buccan restaurant in Palm Beach, proudly putting the finishing touches on a completely vertical stack of four wine glasses — notably alternating between red and white because Martha would be on top of that design. There’s a fair amount of wine in those glasses, so she is clearly pretty confident in what she’s up to and also has faith in her tablemates not to mess this up for her. Her caption gives almost no information on what inspired the demonstration of her party trick, but simply says, “Table games -Dinner served -Conversation lively -Martha gets adventuresome One of my favorite balancing acts stacking wine glasses !”

A few hours later, she added a second photo of her proud moment, this time showing more of the scene and with a few of her signature helpful tips: “Don’t try it if you have had too much to drink!or if you are wearing a very expensive outfit!”

In the words of one of the commenters on the photo, “This seems like someone you’d try only if you HAVE had too much to drink.” What I wouldn’t give to be at this table and learn exactly how this all happened.