Martha Stewart’s Tip for Cooking Salmon Will Deliver the Juiciest Results You’ve Ever Seen

published Apr 27, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Eric Kleinberg; Food Stylist: Kristina Vanni

Low and slow is a cooking method often used on everything — from roasts to stews — in order to get the juiciest meat and the richest flavor. Perhaps this concept is most familiar when making a hearty chili or a slow cooker brisket, but it’s usually not something we consider often with fish as it can simply be grilled or seared in a matter of minutes. In true form, however, Martha Stewart is changing the way we think about cooking fish. And this one tip is sure to leave a lasting impression.

While promoting the latest May issue of Martha Stewart Living on Instagram, the page revealed a tasty-looking recipe for Slow-Baked Citrus Salmon with Carrots. While the recipe itself is enough to talk about (and we will!), it was the tip that was mentioned in the caption of the photo that caught my eye: “Using a low oven temperature produces, juicy, evenly cooked fish.”

When we hear about something being slow baked at a low temperature, images of braises cooked for hours are what first come to mind. This fish recipe, however, is not going to take all day. In fact, it only involves about 10 minutes of prep and the process is 40 minutes from beginning to end. But it’s the end result, as revealed in the caption that makes the time — even if it did require hours — well-spent.

To make this slow-baked salmon, begin by preheating the oven to 300°F. Toss in a few carrots with a seasoning mix of maple syrup, olive oil, cumin, cinnamon, and cayenne. This will bake for 15 minutes before the salmon is added to the top, with the skin side down. The fish will be lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, brushed with oil, and topped with orange slices before being baked for another 15 minutes — or until “crisp tender.”  It then can be sprinkled with whatever fresh herbs you wish. It’s recommended to be served with couscous, but it could also be lovely with a salad, rice, or even some crispy potatoes.

It’s true that cooking fish can be pretty intimidating at times, as it is so delicate and feels less forgiving than hearty cuts of meat. But by cooking fish at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time, you’ll avoid drying it out or overcooking it (there are even more benefits of this method, too!). And as a result, you’re left with the beautiful, flaky fish you’ve always wanted.

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