Martha Stewart’s Reaction to Queso Dip Is True to Form

published Feb 1, 2023
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They say stars are just like the rest of us, but we all know kitchen icon Martha Stewart is an exception. She’s just straight-up fancy. Case in point: Earlier this week on Instagram, Stewart shared a delicious-looking photo of linguine with lemon and Parmesan topped with sturgeon caviar, and shared a detailed, mouth-watering description of her lemon and Armagnac pound cake. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t keep most of those ingredients on hand. (And by that I mean, what’s Armagnac?)

Stewart’s followers took to roasting her (or, more realistically, themselves) in the comment section, with one user writing, “Martha pulls out the caviar like the rest of us pull out the queso dip.” Quick to play along and add her signature dry humor to the exchange — we think — Stewart quipped back, “What’s queso?” 

While it’s possible the domestic diva had a momentary blip in her mental recipe collection, we’re pretty sure she was feigning confusion to show her followers she knows her vibe can seem out of touch sometimes. After all, the mogul herself published a slow-cooker queso recipe in a 2020 issue of Martha Stewart Living. (Note to self: Save all the cheese-centric recipes for the Super Bowl dip lineup.)

Want to follow in Martha’s fancy footsteps? Here’s our guide to trying caviar at home, and a bit about how to buy caviar in the first place. For a more, um, accessible dip recipe, I’d recommend Cowboy Caviar — or just sticking with queso like I plan to. 

Cook with caviar like Martha? Tell us your favorite way to eat it — or just let us know your favorite dip recipe in the comments!