Martha Stewart Just Showed Us How to Poach Multiple Eggs at Once, and I Can’t Wait to Try It

published Oct 14, 2021
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Martha Stewart is a kitchen and entertaining guru, and quite possibly one of our favorite people to learn tips and tricks from. And in true Martha fashion, she didn’t hold back on sharing a few great tips in one of her most recent blog posts. Showing off a lovely fall breakfast spread that included smoked salmon eggs Benedict for eight, the highly celebrated cookbook author and TV host also revealed the hack of a lifetime: how to poach multiple eggs at once 

Before you jump into taking on this new culinary task, you’ll first need as many ramekins or small bowls as you can find. Once you’ve got that set, Martha notes you’ll want to crack one egg into each bowl, which helps ensure the yolk stays intact. After bringing some water to a simmer in a large pot, take a slotted spoon and stir the water vigorously in a circle until a vortex is created. 

The hardest part comes next: You’ll have to move quickly to drop your eggs into the water one at a time while the water is still swirling around. This is where you may want to get one of your friends involved and have them help you get the eggs into the water without much of a delay between drops. Then you’ll let the eggs simmer for about two minutes until the whites are set and the yolks are still soft. 

Another pro tip from Martha is to have a bowl of room-temperature water standing by to have something to put your eggs into when you take them out of the hot water. By placing them into the bowl of room-temperature water, they won’t continue to cook, but will stay warm while you assemble the rest of the Benedict and make the luscious hollandaise sauce. When the time comes to put the eggs on the English muffin, take one egg out of the water at a time and let the excess water drain off for a few moments. Place it on the muffin and spoon hollandaise over for a scrumptious breakfast.

Now while it may be rare for me to have eight guests at my house for breakfast at one time, the occasional three or four that pop by for brunch every now and then will get the perfect eggs Benedict from now on. Thanks, Martha!