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Get into the Holiday Spirit with Martha Stewart’s Molasses-Ginger Crisps

published Dec 1, 2021
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After all of the planning and hard work, Thanksgiving is over. That means that it’s officially cookie season, folks. As soon as the turkey and stuffing are cleared away, my mind races contemplating all of the cookies I want to make and eat in a one-month period. Luckily, Martha Stewart shared a recipe that’s going straight onto my to-do list.

Martha was right on time (per usual) with her Molasses-Ginger Crisps YouTube video. The small, perfectly round cookies look like gingersnaps with a sparkling sugar makeover. She begins by proclaiming that “it’s no secret that I love ginger cookies” and that this recipe “is no exception.” I can deeply relate to this, as I am a ginger fiend. I have yet to meet my ginger limit — whether it be in juice, pickled, dried, candied, or fresh form. And I’m in luck because these cookies contain crystallized, fresh, and ground ginger, so they’re sure to pack a punch. Martha even says that “these molasses ginger crisps couldn’t be any more gingery.” SOLD.

Martha then takes you through the whole recipe step-by-step, starting with whisking together the dry ingredients (including a hefty dose of ground ginger), followed by mixing the wet ingredients. She creams butter and sugar before grating fresh ginger, and includes some handy tips for peeling and grating. Martha likes to peel fresh ginger using the edge of a spoon, which takes off just the thin layer of peel (unlike a vegetable peeler). Then she grates the ginger on a “wood rasp” (Microplane grater), leaving the stringy fibers behind. She mentions that you could also use a Japanese porcelain grater — I highly recommend getting one if you’re a ginger fanatic like me.

After adding the ginger and eggs, Martha stops the mixer and scrapes down the sides to make sure everything is incorporated before adding the remaining ingredients. The dry ingredients are then added, alternating with molasses, which gives the cookies their lovely brown color. Once fully mixed, the dough is chilled in the fridge for at least an hour before scooping with a small cookie scoop. She then chills again, rolls them in sanding sugar, and bakes.

Martha notes that you can keep excess cookie dough balls in the fridge for a few days, then roll them in sugar and bake them as needed. You can also freeze them and defrost before rolling and baking. For me, this sounds like a must for the holiday season, since I constantly need a fresh cookie or two at a moment’s notice — especially if friends or family drop by.

Martha Stewart is a true holiday expert, and I’m happy to see she’s already in the spirit making Molasses-Ginger Crisps. I’ll be making these crunchy, gingery cookies as soon as possible.

Watch the full video below and get the recipe here.