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The Meal Kit Service That Got This Kitchn Staffer Excited to Cook Again

published Nov 5, 2020
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Credit: Frank King

Kitchn staffers end the day with the same question as everyone else: “What’s for dinner?” And, like everyone else, we’ve been spending more time than ever in our kitchens. To say that some days it feels like a real chore to put food on the table is an understatement. So, we tasked three Kitchn staffers with trying a Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon meal kit. Read on to find out how it went — and click here to get $90 off your first three meal kits.

Frank, Kitchn’s ad operations manager, has always enjoyed cooking with his wife, but now that they’re doing it so much, they’ve found themselves a little bit stuck. They’re tired of planning the same old recipes to make every night. We thought the couple would be great candidates to try Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon, whose meal kits offer the adventurous home cook creative, great-tasting meals with easy-to-follow recipes. They all use seasonal ingredients and bring something special to the table. (Which of course they do: They’re all approved by Martha Stewart!)

So we sent Frank a meal kit to work into his weekly rotation. He tried it, and this is how it went.

Credit: Frank King

The Steak Recipe That Got Frank Excited to Cook Again

Frank and his wife are adventurous eaters who love learning to cook new dishes, but after months and months of stay-at-home repetition, they’d fallen into a bit of a rut. Frank chose three recipes he knew he’d like but he’d never tried cooking on his own: Savory Pork Noodle Soup, Tamari-Glazed Steak, and Chicken Tacos. They loved all three, but there was a clear favorite — the Tamari-Glazed Steak.

Credit: Frank King

“I had never made a Tamari glaze before so I was glad to see it wasn’t at all complicated,” Frank said. “It was so good on the steak, especially paired with the Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.”

Not only were the recipes delicious, but the meal delivery service also fit perfectly into Frank’s usual routine. It made for a more relaxed week, one where he and his wife didn’t have to plan out what recipes they’d make and organize grocery shopping.

Credit: Frank King

“This was my first time trying a meal kit and I really enjoyed the experience,” Frank said. “I didn’t have to think about whether I’d have all the ingredients to make a dish and the recipes were easy to prepare during the week.” He also loved that the meals weren’t super time-consuming to make and were so flavorful. “Plus, I was happy to see the kits were filled with quality ingredients,” he added. “I really loved that the produce was so fresh.”

Credit: Frank King

The meals were a major win for Frank and his wife. They brought a whole slate of new flavors to their table that helped get them out of their cooking fatigue.

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