The Gorgeous Green Vintage Collection Martha Stewart’s Been Growing for Decades (and Where You Can Find Your Own!)

published Jun 4, 2024
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Martha Stewart on colorful background
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

It’s no secret that green kitchens are one of the hottest home design trends of the year. But if you’re not ready to paint your cabinets or walls, don’t worry — there’s a much easier way to add a touch of nature to your space (other than with plants!). And it’s actually been around a whole lot longer than the “new neutral” has been trending. Celebrity chef Martha Stewart has been collecting it for decades: jadeite kitchenware. 

In a recent Instagram post, the Martha Stewart brand account shared a photo carousel of upwards of 100 items in the rich green hue. “Before there was Tupperware or Pyrex, there was jadeite — a stain- and heat-resistant, milky-green glassware,” it reads. “Many of these pieces originated from Martha’s daughter, Alexis, who started the impressive collection during a cross-country road trip 20 years ago.” Many of the relics live in Martha’s Maine home today. 

The green glassware originally rose to prominence during the Great Depression as an affordable but beautiful source of joy amid the struggle facing American families in the 1930s. Often, these kitchen items were one of the few “new” items families could afford. Simple and durable, jadeite items like salt shakers, spoon rests, nesting bowls, and sugar bowls ranging in color from light green to emerald were widely available — and very inexpensive. 

Nearly a century has passed since jadeite was first introduced, which means the material can now be considered “vintage.” Perhaps that’s why lifestyle mavens like Martha and Joanna Gaines have collected jadeite for years. Both deserve credit for bringing this gorgeous kitchenware back into the mainstream, with collectors finding rare pieces online or at garage sales across the country. 

What Is Jadeite, Anyway? 

Jadeite is a semiprecious stone and a pyroxene mineral that’s part of the jade family, according to the International Gem Society. In 1930, glassmaker McKee Glass Company started adding chips of jadeite to their standard glass to form a cheery, light green hue. This molten glass was poured into molds to easily produce a large quantity of pieces affordably. 

While other companies quickly followed suit with both original and reproduction glassware, original McKee pieces — marked with an “McK” on the bottom — are highly sought-after pieces today. 

Why Is Jadeite So Popular? 

Perhaps the most popular line of jadeite kitchenware was the FireKing line, which was mass produced by American glassmaker Anchor Hocking Company starting in 1942. This is the line of jadeite Martha collects, and has prominently featured in her magazine and online for decades. “They work. They’re a collectible that’s useful,” Martha proclaimed in an interview for her website. As such, these durable pieces have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Below, learn where to get some stunning jadeite kitchenware pieces to start or add to your own collection. 

Where to Find Jadeite Kitchenware

Suitable for any season or holiday — or just for year-round display — jadeite kitchenware pieces give a vintage vibe with their pretty green color and simple shapes. Here are some of the chicest jadeite pieces you can find online.

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This cake stand from the Martha Stewart jadeite collection features a generously sized 11-inch base and a beautiful ruffled edge to elevate any dessert.

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What better way to serve homemade lemonade than in this pretty jadeite pitcher? It’s ribbed for a vintage vibe and features a ruffled top. This jadeite pitcher is the perfect warm weather accessory.

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Jump-start your jadeite collection with this starter set with 12 (or 16) pieces, including plates, cups, and saucers. Whether for daily use or just for display, it’s sure to add an antique air to your kitchen.

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This reproduction piece is made to look and feel just like an original jadeite cup, but at a fraction of the cost. You’ll hearken back to your grandmother’s kitchen every time you bake with this jadeite measuring cup.

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This vintage-style citrus juicer features authentic green glass and serves as a reminder of the pieces shoppers would bring home from the grocery store during the Great Depression. Opt for traditional jadeite green, or choose from three other breathtaking colors.