Martha Stewart Is Living Her Best Life on Santa’s Lap

published Dec 15, 2018
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(Image credit: Denis Contreras/Stringer/Getty Images)

Martha Stewart’s entire existence seems like a fairy tale. She rides around her farm on her horse snapping pictures of her pet peacocks like the queen that she is, presumably in between sending texts to Snoop Dogg. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but aspire to her level of carefree bossiness.

Of course, Stewart’s power only grows during the holiday season, when she can truly flex her cookie-decorating and table-setting skills. When she recently posted a picture sitting on Santa’s lap in what looks like a fur stole, holding a glass of wine, I knew that the Christmas vibe had officially been set. This holiday season, we need to all try to enjoy ourselves as much as Martha Stewart clearly is.

In the photo, she’s at a Christmas party hosted by her friend Kara Ross. She’s holding a glass of wine, of course, and sporting a pair of shoes from her new Payless line, which seems like the most impressive part of the photo. What makes Stewart such an admirable, accessible celebrity is that she deftly mixes high- and low-brow aspects of fashion and food. Plus, she knows how to hustle. No designer shoes for Stewart, when she’s got her own line to promote.

For many of us regular people, the holidays are a time of stress. We’re wrapped up in wrangling our cousins, and uncles, while trying to get everyone fed and satisfied enough to not fight about politics. We’re lucky if we get a sip of wine in between mediating at the dinner table. But here we see Stewart positively glowing and at ease. She’s having the time of her life, as usual. I am choosing to take this as a lesson. This Christmas, I will be celebrating in the style of Stewart by pouring a full glass of wine, and letting all the tension go.

One more thing I’d like to point out: In the caption she wrote, “When is the last time you sat in Santa’s lap and told him what you wanted for Christmas?” I assume that means she revealed to this lucky Santa-for-hire what her Christmas wish is. But what could the woman who already has everything possibly want for Christmas? Maybe Richard Branson will take her with him to space.