Martha Stewart Just Shared a Photo of Her Childhood Home

(Image credit: Denis Contreras/Stringer/Getty Images)

You know what just utterly made my day? Discovering that Martha Stewart is a fellow Jersey girl. (Celebrities, they’re just like us!) I learned this little-known and ever-so-slightly relatable fact about the Queen of Entertaining after she showed off her childhood home in Jersey City on Instagram earlier today.

Martha Stewart’s childhood home is a two-story home on Stagg Street in Jersey City. She notes that when she lived in it, the house was white (not brown) and that they lived on the second floor. Obviously I had to look on Zillow to see if there are photos of the kitchen (I’m a stalker, it’s cool!), but there are no photos.

What is very telling, however, is the comment section on Martha’s Instagram post. While most celebrity Instagram mentions are a vile cesspool of negativity, Martha Stewart’s shockingly is not! Her comment section is filled with sunshine, rainbows, hearts, and pleasantries. There are also plenty of hidden details about Martha’s life from superfans. Here are some of the gems.

Here are six fun facts you may or may not have already known about Martha Stewart.

1. Martha’s working on a new Food Network special that takes place in her hometown! We know absolutely nothing else, but that’s enough to keep us waiting with bated breath.

2. Martha Stewart doesn’t age. She is *whispers* 77 years old but does NOT APPEAR TO BE.

3. According to one superfan @missvintage1986, who recalls a Thanksgiving special where Martha and her family told old family stories together, Martha’s neighbors growing up were retired bakers. Perhaps that’s who she caught the baking bug from?

4. Martha’s paternal grandfather used to work in a restaurant developing recipes! She must have inherited some skills from him, too.

5. Apparently the woman who currently owns and lives in this house is named Marty (according to @apearlken) — and although we cannot confirm, that fun fact is too fun for its own good.

Only time will tell if the property value of this home will skyrocket now that Martha Stewart has taken a picture on the porch. In the meantime, I’ve saved the Zillow listing just in case it goes on the market. And if you see Martha Stewart’s childhood oven suddenly for sale on eBay, call me.