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Martha Stewart’s Fettuccine Alfredo Limone Is Glossy, Creamy Perfection — And Ready in 20 Minutes

updated Apr 3, 2021
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Credit: Jason Rampe

I’ve watched a lot of food videos since the start of the pandemic. After all, it felt like everyone decided to share what they were cooking and become a food video star! While I can’t say I remember the details of most of them, there is one that has stuck with me since the very beginning. It’s a video from one of the OGs of food media: the great Martha Stewart.

Just like everyone else showing what they were cooking at home, Martha would check in almost daily during lockdown from her gorgeous kitchen in her upstate New York home. Her Instagram videos were perfect during the early pandemic days when most of us were scrambling to figure out how to eat in this new COVID world. In true Martha fashion, each one was filled with ease and elegance, none more so then her video of making fettuccine Alfredo limone. I watched her stir the creamy, glossy pasta on repeat, and became enamored of the way she said the name of the dish with the perfect Italian lilt.

Recently, I decided to give the dish a go myself. She doesn’t share any method or process on how to make it, but she does rattle off a list of ingredients (heavy cream, egg yolks, salt, pepper, lemon rind and juice, and Parmesan “of the highest quality”). Luckily, I discovered the dish to be so easy to make that I didn’t need more detailed instructions. With a few pantry ingredients, I had dinner on the table in the time it took to cook the fettuccine. Here’s how to do it.

Credit: Amelia Rampe

How to Make Martha Stewart’s Fettuccine Alfredo Limone

I began by boiling a large pot of salted water for the fettuccine. The pasta takes about 12 minutes to cook until al dente, so I let it cook for five minutes before I started the sauce. 

For the sauce, I combined 2 cups heavy cream, the zest and juice of 1 lemon, and 3 egg yolks in a large skillet. I brought it to a hard simmer over medium heat, which was an important step. The eggs help thicken the sauce (similar to making a custard), but they don’t activate until the mixture is simmering. You’ll also want to whisk constantly so that the eggs don’t curdle on the bottom of the pan.

When the pasta was ready, I transferred it to the pan with the creamy sauce and tossed until the sauce reduced enough to coat the pasta. I also poured in a few tablespoons of pasta water to help emulsify the sauce and give it that glossy quality. Then, you’re ready to serve! One thing I will note is that you’ll want to eat it fresh. It doesn’t reheat well, and all the beautiful sauce will curdle.

My Honest Review of Martha Stewart’s Fettuccine Alfredo Limone

This was a silky, bright, lemony pasta that I will make over and over again. I couldn’t believe how great it tasted considering it came together in just about 20 minutes! It’s delicious on its own, but it’s also a blank canvas for as many embellishments as you please. You could add some fresh garlic to the sauce, or wilt some spinach with the pasta. I think it would be excellent with a topping of breadcrumbs, which would add some extra texture. Or, do what Martha does and serve it with a side of chicken. She suggests chicken piccata, but a breaded cutlet would be a great option. 

Even though Martha’s life feels mostly unattainable for me, it’s good to know that I can at least eat like the icon herself. And if this pasta is good enough for Martha, it’s good enough for me!

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